iPhone 6s

The Best 'S' Upgrade Yet

  " Apple last week introduced the iPhone 6s to the world. Though already the eighth iPhone model we’ve seen from Apple, the company has managed to pack enough new features into the 6s to make it a compelling and worthwhile upgrade.

   In fact, there’s a strong case to be had that the iPhone 6s is the most significant ’S’ upgrade Apple has ever released. That being the case, here is a run-down of why upgrading to the iPhone 6s is a smart idea, even if you're already enjoying the iPhone 6.


4K Camera

   The ability for iPhone 6s users to record video footage in 4K quality from a mobile and pocket-friendly device is incredible. What's more, with iOS making it easy to edit video footage, the iPhone as a standalone device is unquestionably a full-fledged movie recording and editing machine. If you look back at how expensive video cameras were even six years ago, a 4K camera on the iPhone is truly an advancement.


3D Touch

   3D Touch is by all accounts the flagship feature of the iPhone 6s. After a reported two years in development, 3D Touch can detect how much pressure a user is applying to the screen, thereby opening up new avenues for user interaction.

   While multitouch works great, the way iOS is set up sometimes requires a few taps to accomplish certain tasks. By building in what basically amounts to a right-click into the OS, in an easy-to-use manner no less, the iPhone 6s is poised to be the easiest and most user-friendly iPhone to date. 


2GB of RAM 

   While perhaps boring at first glance, 2GB of RAM is nothing to scoff at, especially given that iPhone users have been living with 1GB of RAM for a few generations now. With 2GB of RAM, developers will be able to really push their apps to new heights. From a user perspective, 2GB of RAM will also ensure that the entire user experience will be much snappier and more responsive when running multiple apps.


12-Megapixel Camera 

   The iPhone camera has already been great, but with the iPhone 6s, Apple is taking a great camera to the next level. At long last, Apple has upgraded its camera with a 12-megapixel sensor, a definite upgrade over the 8-megapixel sensor Apple has been using over the past few iPhone generations. What’s more, coupled with Apple’s software tweaks, the new iPhone camera promises to deliver better low-light performance, faster autofocus, and all-around better photos.


A9 Processor

   Though perhaps not the most exciting of updates, we can't ignore the processor that powers all of the iPhone’s amazing features. Apple’s new 64-bit A9 processor is insanely fast, checking in at 70% faster for CPU oriented tasks and 90% faster for graphics-related tasks. As a result, developers will be able to expand their apps’ capabilities while users will undoubtedly notice that the iPhone 6s is markedly faster than any other smartphone they’ve ever owned. 


Faster LTE and Wi-Fi 

   Browsing the web, whether via LTE or Wi-Fi, is one of the most common iPhone activities. That being the case, Apple has graced the iPhone 6s with faster LTE and Wi-Fi across the board. Apple boasts that its new iPhone models now support up to 23 LTE bands and speeds of up to 300 Mbps over LTE Advanced. With respect to Wi-Fi, the new iPhones can support transfer speeds of up to 866 Mbps (twice as fast as before), assuming you have a router than can keep up, of course.


Live Photos 

   Live Photos is a nifty new photo feature Apple baked into iPhone 6s. With Live Photos, the iPhone camera records three seconds of footage with every snapshot, 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after. As a result, users can now deep press on a photo (via 3D Touch) and literally watch their photos come to life.


Improved Touch ID

   With the iPhone 6s, Apple has taken Touch ID and made it even better. With a larger sensor, the new Touch ID sensor promises to not only be much more accurate, but also much faster. And with Apple Pay tied into Touch ID, users will be able to initiate and complete transactions faster than ever before.


9.5-Megapixel FaceTime camera + Retina Flash

   With the iPhone 6s, Apple has really beefed up its front-facing FaceTime camera, jumping from a 1.2-megapixel sensor to a 5-megapixel sensor. Translation? Expect selfies and other front-facing photos to be better than ever before.

   Additionally, Apple has incorporated something it calls Retina Flash. When taking a selfie, the Retina Display will flash extremely quickly and brightly to provide an ideal lighting environment for selfies. All together, the iPhone 6s camera upgrades represent the biggest upgrades we’ve seen hit the iPhone in quite some time.


Hey Siri is Always on

   With a new motion coprocessor, Siri on the new iPhone 6s can be activated at any time with a “Hey Siri” prompt. This not only brings the iPhone up to speed with some Android handsets, but should also make using Siri a more seamless and quicker experience. However, if you’re not keen on your iPhone always listening for the command, always-on Siri functionality is turned off by default.


Sturdier Build

   Though it was never a serious problem, if you had any concerns about iPhone build quality, the iPhone 6s should alleviate all such concerns. With the 6s, Apple has opted to use Series 7000 aluminium, which should make any Bendgate concerns a thing of the past. "


Source: www.networkworld.com

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